Vincent’s resistance

It’s getting harder to pill Vincent!

He really put up a struggle this morning and the pills got spat out numerous times, covered in thick saliva.

I discussed this with the vet and asked if injectables might be an option. Unfortunately, there are no injectables for the Metrodanizole antibiotics (in this case, it’s Stomorgyl for Vincent), it is only available through IV, which means Vincent would have to be hospitalised and on drips again. The other antibiotics he is on is Baytril and the injectable version is available.  But our biggest problem is actually with the Stomorgyl as that’s the bigger tablet.  The half tablet of Baytril is very small and we don’t need the injectable for this though he still spits out that teeny weeny half tablet multiple times before we can finally get him to swallow it.

Another alternative is to change his antibiotic to another type, which has injectables, but the vet said these might not be as effective for his ailment.

So, there you are, Vincent….how do we make you understand this?

We can’t.

He’s been eating very well, though. And keeps asking for more food.

I think we managed to get those two half-tablets in finally, but with so much struggle, I cannot be 100% sure.  However, I did check all around him and there was no residue which resembled the half tablets.

Let’s hope those ulcers heal…somehow.

If only he’d just take his medicines obediently….

It’s even easier to pill Cow…honestly.  So you can imagine how difficult Vincent is. He swings his neck so fast that each time you think you’ve plonked the pill in, it’s actually already out!


If you are not giving me food, go away! Don’t try to pill me…

5 comments to Vincent’s resistance

  • Peggy tiong

    Hi Kah Yein, u remember the peanut butter dough I told u about which I used to wrap pills n mix it with the food. Since Vincent is willing to eat on its own, it might be worth a try. Mix Peanut butter, flour and water or milk to form a dough.

    • chankahyein

      Thanks, Peggy. I’ll contact you for more information. Right now, I don’t have any of the ingredients, though.

  • chankahyein

    I wonder if peanut butter alone might work.

  • Yen Ling

    Sounds like my old cat! Even the vet found it difficult – 1 vet and 2 nurses attended to him just to pop in one pill.

    At home, it was me alone. Have lots of battle scars on my hands and even on my chin! I ‘marinate’ the pills with wet food in a bag or a Tupperware. Because of mouth ulcers, wet food was best (dissolve the meds) and he licked them all up. In short, I laced his food. Not sure if this is best but we finished the pills and he gets his daily nutrition happily and me no scars!

    • chankahyein

      The tablets are both very bitter, so I think marinating into his food won’t work. He will smell it out and will refuse to eat.