Vincent and the peanut butter dough

My friend, Peggy Tiong, shared that she uses a peanut butter dough (made from peanut butter, flour, milk or water) to wrap tablets and mix it into the food for her difficult-to-pill cats and it works.

I figured I would try that for Vincent.

Bought a small jar of peanut butter.  Didn’t have any flour or milk at home, so I would use millet powder instead.

Mixed it and added some water, so it became a dough. Kept it in the fridge overnight. I figured cold might be good.

This morning, I took out the dough and wrapped the Baytril with it. Then, I put just a spoonful of Vincent’s current favourite canned food (Monge Tuna, Chicken and Beef) into his bowl and placed the peanut butter dough (with the hidden Baytril) and offered it to Vincent, in a calm and nonchalant manner (remember how adept cats are at sensing emotions and reading minds?).

I figured he must be hungry first thing in the morning, and there is no threat of pilling, it’s just feeding time, that’s all.

Guess what?

He ate it ALL up!

Still I remained totally calm and did not display any emotions at all. Mustn’t let the cat out of the bag, right? We still have the dreadful bigger Stomorgyl to go – with the same modus operandi.

So, I calmly wrapped the Stomorgyl and did the same thing.

But guess what…

Vincent ate up the wee bit of food and avoided the peanut butter blob this time.


I figured maybe the blob is too big, so I calmly took it back, unwrapped the tablet (which was still intact, thank goodness) and cut the Stormogyl into half. Then, I made two blobs.

Placed the two blobs into a fresh spoon of food and offered it to His Royal Highness again.

He avoided both blobs…again.


By now, I think he already knows.

My last ditch effort was to put the blob into raw food, which I did.

He just licked up all the raw food and avoided the blob.

Mission failed.

I guess for these two blobs, I’ll just have to resort to the old-fashioned way again – plonking in.  Can’t afford to waste the antibiotics.  Luckily the peanut butter dough wrap preserved the now-quarter tablets and they were still in good condition.

Vincent walked out of the kitchen and didn’t seem interested in food anymore.

He’s had enough?

“Yes, enough of your nonsense of trying to fool me.”

Meanwhile, Ginger vomited all his food (sigh…probably due to hairball) and it was all over the floor.

Vincent passed by, stopped and decided to eat up the vomit.

“I’d rather eat vomit, than to eat those two funny smelling blobs you placed into my food…don’t think I don’t know!”

Oh well…

I was alone, so I had to give it a try – the plonking.

I carried him, played with him a bit, and quickly plonked one blob into his mouth. He struggled a bit and swallowed!

He swallowed it!!


So I thought, “Piece of cake, man, I should be able to pull off the second blob…”.


For the second try, Vincent unleashed the full force of his terror and I ended up with 11 scratch wounds on my hands and leg. Two puncture wounds started bleeding too.

After much, much struggle, I managed to get him to swallow the second blob.

What method should I use tomorrow?

You tell me, Vincent.

You don’t mind peanut butter, right? If it’s small enough, I mean…

Note to self: At least it worked with the Baytril so it wasn’t a total failure. Nobody said life was a bed of roses, so it’s okay. Tomorrow, we shall figure something out…

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