4 small tote bags with lining

After a long, long break of “doing less”, I got my “sewing mojo” back two days ago, so I’m back to sewing tote bags for fundraising again.

Here’s working on our first order – 4 specially ordered small tote bags with lining.

My trusty assistant, Tabs.

“Royal” Tabs!

Here are the 4 small tote bags. Each one comes with lining, so they are all reversible.

Dark blue shiba inu.

Turquoise shiba inu.

Chinese Red-Gold

(Perfect for Chinese New Year – I bought this cloth two Chinese New Years ago and advertise it for gift bags but no one was interested so I never sewed any, but looking at it, it does look the perfect gift bag for Chinese New Year, doesn’t it?)

And, finally, this next piece was also bought along with Chinese Red-Gold…

I call it Chinese Black-Gold.

It looks oriental and quite exotic, won’t you say? And the yellow lining inside matches it perfectly too.

Thank you very much for the generous donation of RM250 (in loving memory of Danny Aslan), from our kind donor who ordered these bags.


Meanwhile, I also sewed this blue-and-black floral bag. One side is blue and the other is black (in matching print). It is single-layered.

It’s a single-layered 2-in-1 bag!


Approximate size (as a shopping bag):
Width: 18in, Length: 15in, Base: 5in.

Single-layered: RM25
Double-layered (reversible): RM50

Shipping charges apply.

If you would like a different size, please do write and enquire.

We have lots of batik and faux-songket, and also, some animal prints.

Thank you!

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