A small success with the peanut butter dough today!

Today, we resorted to the old-fashioned method – just plonking in and holding Vincent’s mouth shut tightly (to make his swallow).

We finished the Baytril (which was more for his flu) yesterday and the vet says since there is just a bit of wheezing and the discharge is colourless, we just need to continue with the dreadful Stomorgyl until Sunday.

Even though it’s half a tablet, the half-Stomorgyl is still big and Vincent seems to hate its smell.

No more mixing it into his food. He avoided it yesterday, even though I broke it up into 3 tiny pieces and the pilling session was a total nightmare after that.

Today, it’s just all one lump. Simple and clear-cut. Just wrapped the half tablet with the peanut butter dough. That’s all.

My husband wrapped Vincent up with a towel and I opened his mouth. Plonk! Held his mouth closed for quite long as Vincent refused to swallow.

I waited for his tongue to come out, but it didn’t.

Finally, I think he swallowed it, so I took a chance and released him.

Yes, he did. He didn’t attempt to spit anything out.

It’s in, folks! It’s in!

He swallowed it, and this is, by far, the most uneventful pilling session since we started!


Eating breakfast with Ginger after that.

And I have no bite wounds and no scratch wounds!

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