Mr Zurik’s midnight adventures

As you know, Mr Zurik has been coming into our bedroom through the bathroom window at night.

And it’s not that he wants to stay in the house too.

He just wants the thrill of being able to come into the house through a “forbidden means” and then, he’d ask to be let out of the house.

Yesterday, he did something different.

At around midnight, he came into our bedroom and mewed to wake us up. Of course this means he wants to be let out. But when my husband came downstairs with him, Mr Zurik disappeared.

Where did he go?

He had actually gone out to the patio – which is another puzzling feat. All the windows were closed, how did he get from the inside of the house to the patio?


He knows how to open the windows to get out?

Show off!

He is really a thrill-seeker, isn’t it? Delights in duping us.

My husband decided to just leave him at the patio with the hope that he will not try anything else.

At about 1am, he was in our bedroom again.

Now, how did he get from the patio to our bedroom??

That remained a puzzle until this morning when Jia-Wen said he saw Mr Zurik outside his window (there’s mosquito netting on his windows), and the next thing you know, Mr Zurik was in his room.

Now, how did Mr Zurik get through the mosquito netting??

It is the sliding-type of mosquito netting and there are no gaps anywhere.

Does it mean that our crafty comrade knows how to open a sliding window as well? And close it back?!!

Jia-Wen was very sure of what he saw because he shone a torch at Mr Zurik.  One moment, he was outside the window, and the next, he was inside the room. The mosquito netting was unmoved.

How did he do it?

At other times, Mr Zurik just lounges around in our porch or outside by the drain.

In the morning, he follows me for taiji at the park. How cool is that, right?

Now, what will you be up to tonight, Mr Zurik?

Wouldn’t you like to know….heh heh.

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