Vincent roars!

It’s as though Vincent knew today was the last day of his antibiotics.

My husband decided to do the “last honours”, so he fed Vincent the last half-tablet this morning. There was a bit of a struggle, though, but finally, the tablet was eaten.


Then, when he went out to feed Mr Zurik, Vincent sneaked out and trotted off happily and confidently out of the gate.

“I’m checking out of this hospital. Enough of being confined. Hello, World!!”

After about half an hour, he came back to the porch. Very confidently too, and sat in the open….sporting a lion pose.

Soon after, he went under the car…still sporting the lion pose.

I’m descended from lions. 

Hear me roar!!

We hear you, Vincent.

No more antibiotics. No more.

Hopefully, no more ulcers, or gingivitis or stomatitis!!

Thank you, everyone, for rooting for Vincent’s recovery!

And of course, many thanks to Dr Agas and Dr Kee, for helping Vincent recover!

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