The day Cleo fell 8 feet down!

It happened this morning.

But Cleo is totally okay.

And it was all because of Zurik.

Or rather, because Cleo got angry with Zurik’s “intrusion”.

Zurik was making his rounds from the back and was walking along the ledge. Cleo was on patrol duty (on the ledge) and the moment she saw Zurik, she got all fired up and lunged at him.

In her enthusiasm, she must have forgotten that there was a piece of polycarbonate at the ledge. She bumped head-on onto the polycarb and that caused her to lose her balance.

I saw her fall from the top of the ledge, straight onto the pebbles below. It must be at least 8 feet, from the ledge to the ground.

She didn’t land on her feet, but on her side.

Luckily, she appeared to be alright.

She got up and trotted away.

Pole: Intruder alert!!


Look at Cow’s innocent face.

Can someone turn on the tap for me? I want to drink water.

Grooming time.

Are you okay, Cleo?

The intruder is still there.

Going inside. To safety.

I fell down. Sobs…I fell down.

But she’s okay. No injuries.

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