Bunny in the pot

Er, Bunny, you cannot eat those vegetables.

And please don’t use that as a sandpit…!

Hello, Mr Cow Mau.

And Indy.

Cow and Bunny love these pebble slabs. They are very cooling.

Meanwhile, this “latest” hole has lasted for many, many weeks now. Previous holes have failed because Cow would bite the cables and enlarge them so that he and Bunny can go through (and start spraying in the room again). But this hole has lasted. Yay!

Only Pole and Cleo can enter and exit through this hole.

Even though Pole has access to the room, most of the time, she’s very happy in her condo.

Indy, of course, doesn’t need the hole to get into the room. He scales the half-netting easily.

I have easy access everywhere…except out of this grille to the rest of the house. 

The good thing is that Indy learns fast. He knows if he doesn’t spray in the room, he gets to come in. He learned and that is why he gets to come in and out.

But Cow and Bunny?

They still HAVE to spray to assert their alpha-ness, so they have to stay in the pantry most of the time. They only get to come in under strict supervision.

Without Cow and Bunny inside the room, the room really doesn’t smell anymore nowadays and I don’t have to change the sheets every day. This really helps.

When will they ever learn?

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