Heidi’s secret stash at the park

Heidi follows me to the park for taiji every day.

She loves hanging around at the park.

This is Heidi’s secret stash of herbs.

She loves eating this grass. It’s medicinal.

I brought back some of this grass and planted it in a pot, but Heidi didn’t want any of it. She only eats it from this secret stash at the park.

The roots of the trees are great for scratching on.

Nothing beats “the secret stash”.

Ready to pounce on anyone who invades her secret stash….


Arms out…ready to…GO!

Back to the secret stash.

And she doesn’t come back when I come back. She comes back on her own (which is normally, a few minutes after that).

Cats are not dogs, you know. They live by their own terms, not ours.

She’ll come back to the porch and sit on the window sill, which is another favourite place of hers.

At home.

Heidi’s favourite person.

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