RayRay says “hello!” (a case from 2011)

This rescue story goes way back to 16th May 2011 when two students, Jason and Powie, rescued a little kitten off from the middle of the road. Initially Jason though the kitten was dead but upon closer inspection, he discovered that the tiny little thing was still alive.

16th May 2011: https://myanimalcare.org/2011/05/16/injured-kitten-found-in-the-middle-of-the-road-sent-for-treatment/

15th May 2012: https://myanimalcare.org/2012/05/15/subsidy-for-rayray-rescued-kitten-from-the-street-jason-and-tan-powies/ (Jason and Powie adopted RayRay on the very day they rescued him and waited a year for him to reach puberty so that the hernia operation and tail amputation could be done, as per the vet’s advice.)

I wrote this then:

It is really heartening that Jason and Powie have taken up the responsibility of looking after (and adopting) RayRay. If you look at the photos last year when Jason picked him up off the street, Ray Ray was a sorry-looking kitten. I remember meeting up with Jason and Powie at the vet’s and I must say, until today, it still gladdens me tremendously that Jason took up the responsibility of looking after Ray Ray while he was still inside the clinic, after listening to all that he has to do for Ray Ray. Never once did he think of relinquishing that responsibility to someone else (the classic “But it’s not even my cat, I merely picked it up” – none of that at all). He even insisted on paying for the medical charges in that first visit although I offered to sponsor it.

Yes, there is hope for the future and it lies in our young. Sometimes, we just have to show them the way. Sometimes, they show us the way!

Till this day, I continue to remain very inspired by the responsibility showed by Jason and Powie when they were merely students at that time. All we did was to provide some financial help and a little guidance; it was Jason and Powie who took up the responsibility of looking after RayRay for one whole year to wait for him to be old enough for the surgeries.

This is truly one of those success stories through the years and I’m thankful we had a medical fund at that time. Truly, I do miss the personal follow-through in the medical cases we have helped.

Jason has kept in touch with us through the years (thank you!) with photos of RayRay and we thank Jason, Powie and RayRay for their kind support and donation to our fund too!  Powie also continues sharing our philosophy and mission to people around her.

Here’s the very latest photo of RayRay!


It’s personal follow-through stories like these that really make our day!!

Thank you so much, Jason and Powie!

Have a blast, RayRay!!

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  • Yen Ling

    7yrs and counting! RayRay has gotten a bit RoundRound ;p
    Wonderful story and good job to Jason and Powie! Thank you for giving him a home!