Neutering aid for 3 cats in Kuala Terengganu (Fadzilah Akmal bt Haji Ali’s)

We have fully sponsored RM150 for the neutering of these 3 cats.

The charges were RM50 per cat at the government clinic.  The three cats also look very much alike. Kindly refer to the last photo (all three taken together).

Hi Dr. Chan,

For your information, I’ve sent to you form and bills as requested. Here are information about those cats.
I have adopted three of them from my friend’s sister. They are caged all the time under hot weather. That was really put me in tears. Though I already have almost 50 strays adopted, but I couldn’t stop thinking of their conditions all the time. Then, I politely asked them to be adopted. Now, they have been neutered, vaccinated, and live happily with all my cats and freely without caged. The cats are named Alvin, Erwin and Baby.

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