The pill-at-home plan in action (for Vincent)


The preparation.

It really is just a teeny weeny tablet. Certainly so much smaller than the dreaded Stomorgyl from last time.

The inspection (by Tabs).

So we followed the vet’s instructions to the letter, ie. Step (1) Put cat on table, to Step (2) Wipe face and head with wet cloth and then onwards to Step (3) Tilt cat’s head up.

Step (3) kind of failed. Vincent was too smart to be fooled, so we went on to (3b) Rub chin and cat should tilt head.

Should, indeed.

(3b) also failed and that’s when he started to struggle.

Wipe face and head with damp cloth.

With a smile…

Relax, ol’ boy…

Of course it failed at “Tilting head”. “Rubbing chin” also failed.

Husband took over. Also failed. Vincent was already struggling frantically. We tried plonking the pill in. He just spat it out several times. It’s just amazing how fast he can shake his head.

So, we had no choice but to resort to Plan B: The Towel Plan.

Wrap with towel.

He still struggled.

After a few failed attempts, the pill finally got in and I closed his mouth tight.

Reward lying in wait.

Okay, I think he swallowed the pill….phew!

But he didn’t want the reward.

Vincent – 1. Humans – 0.

He finally ate the food, but on his own terms and in his own time.

We hear someone got some food. 

Any for us? 

The antibiotics is for SEVEN days, twice a day, so that’s another 12 more pilling sessions.


2 comments to The pill-at-home plan in action (for Vincent)

  • Chen

    Hi KY! Maybe you need to improve the towel technique. Video here is the expert feral handler does it. She medicates and feeds fierce ferals with this technique.
    Also another tip I got from vets – wet the nose of the cat when the pill goes inside the mouth. The wet spot on the nose will trigger his instinct to lick it dry. In order to do that, he has to swallow.
    Good luck!

    • chankahyein

      What a brave lady!! Thanks very much for sharing. Shall try some of the tips in tomorrow’s session!! She’s incredibly patient! So the trick is to cut a hole in the towel….hmmm.