The holey cloth (pilling Vincent continues)

Last night, Chen sent this video:  It shows how this lady managed to feed and examine a totally feral, hissing adult cat (just caught) by using a towel with a hole just big enough for the mouth and ears.

I thought it was definitely worth a try!

So, this morning…

We have so many old towels and it so happened that this pink towel already has a hole in it. Yay…perfecto!  I think the size of the hole is just right.

So, we have the holey cloth.

The candidate.

The teeny weeny Clavomox tablet and a syringe of water.

We thought we should still do the wipe down with a damp cloth just to relax the candidate, and what do you know, while wiping him down, there was a window of opportunity to open the mouth and plonk in the pill….

So, we tried and yes, it was a success!

Ha ha….without using the holey cloth.

But it wasn’t easy, though. There was still a struggle from Vincent. That’s also because my aim is totally hopeless – the pill didn’t land in the back of the mouth. It landed on the tongue. Nevertheless, we got him to swallow it with a little help from the syringe of water.

Anyway, we decided to still try out the holey cloth. We might need it this evening. It might also be good to let Vincent get used to the cloth as a non-threatening item.

Here we go….the mouth!

Hopefully the hole is big enough for us to open the mouth wide enough to plonk in the pill.

We decided to change this to a “reward” session.

Vincent is a super “manja-pot”. He loves to cuddle.

He likes this…ha ha.


Well, some cuddling can never go wrong for a cat who absolutely loves it!

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