Another Cow-Bunny fight

Two days ago, Cow and Bunny had another big fight.

We heard cat screams at Bunny’s Place and by the time we got there, Indy was standing in between Cow and Bunny.

Good ol’ Indy! He always tries to break up the Cow and Bunny fights.

Luckily it hadn’t gone into the lock-body state yet, or the part where fur flies all over.

Thanks to Indy, of course.

But Cow was still in attack mode, so we used the water hose to break up the tension between them.

Our hero!

The perpetrator.

The victim.

The aftermath.

Cleo stayed safe in the pantry.

Pole stayed safer…in the room.

And after it was all settled…

The family that eats together stays together.

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