Indy’s Backjoy

I’ve been having severe lower back pain since March this year. Visits to three chiropractors revealed that it’s a case of a bulging disc on my spine.  All three chiropractors said they would be able to “fix it”, but so far, the fixing attempts have all failed. Sigh…

And because of this bulging disc, I cannot bend. I already cannot squat for years due to a meniscus tear on my right knee, and now, I cannot bend. It’s been very challenging (and painful) with all these restrictions in my movements, but what to do…with aging, comes all these aches and pains.

I should probably see a spinal specialist for my bulging disc, but I’ve been postponing that hoping by some miracle, the back pain might go away on its own.

Well, recently, a friend recommended the “Backjoy”. She had been suffering from back pain for many years due to an injury (and her back sure sounded much worse than mine) and after sitting on the Backjoy for two weeks, all her pain disappeared!

So, of course I went out and got myself a Backjoy, but so far, after sitting on it, it hasn’t worked…yet. Not at all.

But guess who loves the Backjoy?

He tried it out initially and took some time to figure out how best to optimise using the device. It’s a bit tricky because it turns on its pivot (the bottom of the Backjoy is hard and the surface of the chair is also hard).


And now, he’s on it…all the time!

I wonder why he likes it so much….is it all that comfortable? Or maybe, he just likes it because it’s mine?

And I don’t have the heart to ask him to get off! He loves it!

JOY on the Backjoy…for Indy!

2 comments to Indy’s Backjoy

  • Chen

    Hi KY! Have you watched any of these guys’ videos on how to manage pain? Here is one of their videos – I love these two guys. They are experienced and trained physical therapists sharing their knowledge and skills in a way that is accessible to everyone at home. They have helped me a lot. I hope they could help you too.

    All the best!

    • chankahyein

      Thanks very much, Chen. Yes, I have done the “cobra” for it, but it doesn’t seem to help.