Vincent defies the burqa

My cousin aptly describes Vincent’s holey cloth as a “burqa”!

It actually reminds me of a “telekung”, but then “burqa” it is!

After two days of being controlled by the burqa, Vincent figured out how to outwit us.

First, he stuck his paw out of the hole thereby tearing the cloth and making the hole even bigger. By doing so, his whole head could come out of the hole and this gave him more mobility to shake his head.

Next, he figured out he could retract his head into the towel just as we were about the plonk the pill.

Yes, exactly like a tortoise.

How smart is that, right?

So, for two sessions, we were outwitted totally.

He moved so fast we couldn’t be sure if we had successfully plonked the pill in, if he had swallowed or he had spat out the pill.

The only way was to release him, spread out the towel, shake the towel, to check for the presence of the pill, if any. Then, to check the floor.

Luckily, we could not locate the pill at all, which means he probably swallowed it.

For this morning, we were lucky. It was quite an uneventful pilling session. And a fast one too.

There are five more sessions to go.

Cat in burqa!

From what we can see, the Clavomox seems to be helping the flu as well as the ulcers at the back of the mouth. The ulcerated gums are no more red. In fact, it’s a normal pink colour.

Vincent is also probably tired of eating the same raw food for so many days now, so he asked for something else. He can eat cooked food again. This morning, he polished up a whole big bowl of Primal.

Five more pilling sessions to go… And yes, we will still use the burqa. If need be, we will cut a new hole in the towel!

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