The pilling “battles” with Vincent

Yesterday was an exceptionally difficult day with Vincent.

Not only has he figured a way to stick his paw out of the burqa hole and to do a “tortoise” (retract head into towel so that mouth isn’t accessible), he can now fight his way through the towel and put up a struggle.

Yesterday, I don’t know how he did it. I was so sure we had made him swallow the tablet. I did open his mouth many times and there was definitely no trace of the tiny white tablet, but after almost 15 minutes, he sat down and the tiny tablet was on the floor beside him.

It was as though he was trying to tell me that he hadn’t swallowed the tablet yet.

Then, we picked him up and plonked the tablet in with ABSOLUTELY NO STRUGGLE AT ALL.

Yes, you read that right – there was absolutely no struggle.

Luckily he did this on the tiled floor and not outside at the patio, or worse, on the soil.

I almost “heard” him say: “Okay, I think I’ve won enough battles with you. Here…I know I have to take my tablet. I fooled you….and I’ll eat my tablet now, if you please…”  

This evening’s pilling session – NO struggle.

Tomorrow is the last day. Two more pilling sessions and we are done!

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