Oh no…another week (of pilling Vincent)

Vincent was still sneezing and there were specks of blood in the mucus, so we brought him to the vet for a check-up today.

As it turned out, the healing of the ulcers in the mouth is much slower than expected.

The ulcers are still bad although the lymph nodes have almost gone back to their normal healthy size.

The healing is slow.

The flu is still present and the specks of blood is most likely from the sinus lining.

So, Vincent has to go on another week of antibiotics.


Another 14 more eventful and “colourful” pilling sessions.

We’ll have to make a new hole in the burqa since he could literally walk out of the present hole this morning. The hole is as big as his body now.

Hey Vincent…

Another week of antibiotics.

Can we make this easier, please?

Vincent: We shall see.

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