Animal abuse on the rise in Malaysia?

The news:

According to the news, it’s on the rise.

Or is it because there is more awareness now, people have more courage to report such cases, so we get to read more of such cases?

Once wonders, though, with AWA2015, there is more legislation supposedly to protect animals and punish animal abusers, but if animal abuse is indeed on the rise, then perhaps punitive measures aren’t the only way to go.

The threat of punishment can sometimes act as a deterrent (for eg, better stop at traffic lights OR ELSE you will be caught by the police) but there is no lasting effect or sincerity in such measures. Remove the threat of punishment and all hell breaks loose. As long as the threat of punishment is there, one merely behaves because one fears the punishment. One doesn’t behave out of understanding or better yet, compassion for others (eg. better stop at the traffic lights so that everyone will be safe).

Even so, the hardcore are not afraid of any threat of punishment too.  They just do what they want with no consideration for others.

So if punitive measures aren’t the only way, then what might work better?


Education by example?

We hope so, but then again, nothing really works with the hardcore inconsiderate minds too.

Which brings us back to a tough reality check – the world is as it is. There will always be the good, bad and the ugly.

1 comment to Animal abuse on the rise in Malaysia?

  • Amanda Coffin

    Love the Auden quote! I don’t know the extent that the threat of punishment works as a deterrent to animal abusers, but I know that publicizing convictions will at least raise awareness amongst all those but the totally indifferent. Anyway, I’m glad the bill passed and is finally in effect.