Vincent, why are you eating dirt?

I’ve noticed it twice now.

Vincent would go to the soil and eat it.

Yes, he would lick the soil, chew and swallow.

Vincent is eating dirt.

It reminds me of Baggy, years ago, when I was fostering her after she was confirmed to be FeLV-positive. Her red blood count was so, so incredibly low (she was very anaemic) that she would lick rocks. I asked her vet then and the vet said it’s because of the lack of iron (as a mineral) that cats will naturally lick rocks to try to get more iron into their bodies.

So I asked Vincent’s vet about it. The vet I should stop Vincent from eating dirt. Another possible reason why Vincent is eating dirt could be to “scratch” the itch due to the ulcers, and if so, the grainy soil would be bad for him as it would damage the ulcers even more.

But we also discussed the lack of nutrients that is prompting Vincent to eat dirt. The vet said it could be iron or calcium. But then, Vincent is only eating Cubgrub (which is nutritionally balanced with muscle meat, organs and bones) and home-cooked food (which contains organs and powdered bone meal).

So, it remains a mystery.

Or maybe, he just needs more of certain nutrients….

Why are you eating dirt, Vincent?

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