Heidi eats supper!


Heidi finally got off her basket on the kitchen counter and went to the living room.

And when Indy made the supper call, Heidi came into the kitchen!

I offered home-cooked chicken but she didn’t want any of it. I didn’t want to give the liquid food again, hoping that she might want some solid food now, as an indication that she is feeling better, perhaps?

So I offered Monge’s Tuna with Chicken and yes!!

The upside down Tupperware container is Heidi’s little table.

All in, Heidi ate about a third of a can, which I’ll say is a good start!

Hope she continues to feel better.

Heidi and all of us here thank everyone for their kind wishes!

Meanwhile, I now have four types of liquid food and several kinds of snacks in the house. We used one of them to entice Vincent into eating his tablet this evening and it worked!

Vincent: Heh…but not for long. Not for long…

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