Heidi is unwell

Heidi is not well.

It started last night when she refused supper. I thought she was just not hungry but this morning, she didn’t want to eat breakfast either.

Normally, Heidi will eat breakfast with everyone, and then, follow us to the playground for taiji. She loves going to the playground, watching the birds and playing at her herb stash. Then, she will sit at the bench and watch the world go by.

When we are done with our practice, she almost never follows us back. It’s got to do with a cat’s ego. I mean, which cat ever listens to any human? Or, for that matter, lets a human lead? No, the cat leads and the cat goes only when she is ready to go.

So, Heidi will remain at the playground, on the bench, but usually she will come back within 5-10 minutes.

Her favourite after-breakfast snack is to lick up our bowl after we finish our half-boiled eggs. Heidi simply LOVES the egg yolk. So, one way of enticing her to come back from the playground is to take the pot (which we use to boil the eggs) to the front door and rattle the cover to make a sound.

A cat’s hearing is so good, she will come running back from the playground.

But today, Heidi just sat in her basket and didn’t want to eat or do anything.

I offered all kinds of food – home-cooked, canned, raw food, etc.

Why, she didn’t even want her top favourite – egg yolk.

It was a bit worrying. Something is definitely not quite right.

Finally, the only food she was willing to eat was Ciao (liquid food treats).

She ate up two tubes.

I was out of supply already, so I went to the pet store and was recommended this:

It is also liquid food and comes in two flavours – Tuna with Goat’s Milk and Chicken with Goat’s Milk.

Chicken with goat’s milk, Heidi?

Heidi only liked the tuna flavour. So, guess who devoured the entire can of the chicken with goat’s milk?  Yes, Vincent.

The pet store also recommended another brand of liquid food, which was selling very well. But Heidi simply refused to eat that.

So, I guess Ciao it is. Only Ciao.

The good thing is that Heidi is still eating liquid food and grooming herself.

We shall wait it out until tomorrow to see if a visit to the vet is warranted. Maybe it’s a tummy upset and she just needs to rest and recover.

We don’t know Heidi’s age. She first came on her own to our house in July 2013 and I brought her to the vet’s for a check-up. The vet then said she was probably an old cat. Her teeth were bad, she had a hernia and we later discovered that Heidi was already spayed.

When Heidi first came: 

She came across as a very friendly cat too. Very likely someone’s pet.

The hernia problem sort of resolved by itself and the vet said it was best to leave it alone. She also decided to wait for 2 weeks before getting Heidi spayed. As it turned out, Heidi did not (and has never) come into heat, so that’s how we concluded that she had already been spayed.

Heidi is a very tough cat. She is very confident and has a lot of character.

We hope she will feel better soon.

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