Ready, aim…. Oops! (Vincent’s pilling sessions)

Vincent has been eating like a pig lately, which, of course, if a good sign, even though his weight has remained at a measly 3.2kg and he still looks thin and emaciated.

But strength-wise, I think Vincent is stronger than me.

Now, we have to give him the antibiotics for another week, which means, more battles.

After giving me a reprieve for 1-2 days, he is back in full force to resist the tablet again.

Of course the burqa has failed, so we just wrap him up with the towel leaving his head out.

And I must say that with all this practice, my aim is much better now.

However, Vincent is one step ahead of us.

He has now devised a way to push the tablet to the side of his mouth even though I “hit the target” in plonking the tablet right to the back of his mouth.

He doesn’t use the head-shake anymore now. I haven’t figured out how he does it.

When I plonk the tablet into his mouth, I can see that it lands at the back of his mouth, and I will close his mouth and syringe in some water from the side to help him swallow.

But the next time I open his mouth, what do you know….the tablet is already at the side of his mouth where the ulcers are.

And it here that he “stores” the dreaded tablet until an opportune time when he spits it out and declares victory.

And you can close his mouth, keep syringing in water and yes, he will swallow even a whole syringe of water, but ha ha ha….the tablet is intact, at the side.

That’s how resourceful Vincent is.

So, it’s still a battle of wits…twice a day.

As for eating dirt yesterday, we thought he might be lacking in certain nutrients, so I bought raw liver today.

Vincent devoured the raw liver like a blood-thirsty, liver-hungry vampire-cat!  If I kept giving, I think he could have eaten up the whole pack, but of course, I limited his intake.

Liver has a high content of fat, which, if taken in excess, could lead to pancreatitis, so its consumption has to be controlled.

Still, I never knew before this, how much Vincent loves raw liver (Indy used to be the only liver-eating vampire-cat before this – the bloodier, the better).

I also bought raw chicken fillet and Vincent absolutely loves this too.

So, Vincent had a feast of raw food today.

I just hope he will put on some weight soon.

He was “nesting” in the downstairs bathroom for about a week and now, he has shifted to the landing at the staircase.



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