Ginger’s “dim sum” sessions

Ginger’s has recently developed a habit of eating only “dim sum” and not full meals.

He seems to be unable (or unwilling) to eat a full meal. Instead, he will come whining for small bits of food frequently.

We call it his “dim sum” sessions.

Mew, mew, mew….I want some dim sum, please. 

And he only eats a wee bit, something like less than 10 pellets, and leaves the rest.

Then, within minutes, he comes again, whining for another small meal.

Sometimes, Vincent also follows him, but Vincent doesn’t eat kibble, only wetfood.

Luckily Heidi doesn’t partake in this habit.

I eat proper meals. 

And guard the bananas.

At least Vincent finishes his wetfood dim sum. Ginger will always leave some pellets behind. It doesn’t matter how much you give him, he will leave some behind and sometimes, within 1-2 minutes, he will come whining for food again.

Meanwhile, the pilling sessions are still rather eventful. We had to keep thinking of new inducements as rewards after the sessions. For two days, liquid food was the craze and it worked like a charm. Then, the charm wore off, and it had to be pieces of raw chicken fillet. The other types of food doesn’t work anymore. He still shakes his head, so the tablet lands up at the side of his mouth where he tries to store and spit out later.

Tomorrow is the last day of the 14th day of antibiotics. His flu doesn’t seem to be improving, so we may be looking at yet another week of eventful pilling.

Vincent is also getting very choosy over food nowadays. I have to keep thinking of new foods for him to try.

3 comments to Ginger’s “dim sum” sessions

  • Chen

    Have you tried to give them Aixia canned food? Some pet shops sell them, but not all because it is on the pricey side. They have a range of cat food for old cats (on the label is the number 15 meaning 15-year old) because it is suppose to be easier to digest and easier for the kidneys. It has a soft texture with no jelly at all. My cat is old now and she loves it, so she gets what she wants. 😀

  • Chen

    Here is the link to Aixia products: Perhaps you have seen them before but did not buy any because the labels are in Japanese.

    • chankahyein

      Thanks, Chen. I have bought before, at one of the pet exhibitions. I’ll hunt it down if I run out of choices for my fussy cats!