“The reason I have to eat dim sum” (by Ginger)

Ginger vomited all his breakfast out today.

He had eaten his breakfast with everyone else.

Then, we opened a new bag of kibble.

Nobody can resist the sounds and smell of new kibble, so everyone came for a snack and Ginger got one too.

Then, it happened.

Ginger vomited and everything came out. He had eaten too much.

Of course, immediately after that, he came into the kitchen to ask for food again.

And this is why I can only eat “dim sum” (small amounts).
If I eat too much at one go, I will vomit.

So, dim sum it is.

Ginger’s favourite activity is a trip into Bunny’s Room or a trip out to the porch to sit under the car.

At other times, he likes sleeping on top of the cage.

Yesterday, he shared his space with Tabs.

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