Vincent eats again!

Vincent was excited during lunch time and came into the kitchen with everyone else. I offered him canned food, blended raw food, raw fillet meat, liquid food (one by one) but none of them appealed to him.

Poor guy…

Vincent has always been a very choosy eater, but now, perhaps it’s the ulcers or the flu (the loss of the sense of smell?) making it difficult for him to have an appetite.

Or, as I remember, Daffodil was very, very particular about raw food. She would only eat freshly bought raw food. Not the ones that have been frozen and thawed. Fussy eater…

But it was important that Vincent ate, so we went out to buy fresh raw meat for Vincent this evening.

After coming back, I thought I’d try my luck and still offer him the raw meat from yesterday (frozen yesterday and thawed).

I did and guess what…he ate!

And ate, and ate.

Of course, I gave him the freshly bought raw meat as well.

Eat, eat, eat, Vincent! Eat!!

The vet did say that raw meat is the best food for kidney patients as it’s very easily digested and absorbed. So, even if Vincent has kidney issues, this is already the best food for him.

I just hope he continues liking raw meat. If not, I’ll be at my wit’s end thinking of what next to offer him. Kibble has been totally struck off Vincent’s list. I think he’d rather starve than eat that.

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