Vincent to continue with the antibiotics

Today is the 14th day of Vincent’s anitbiotics (Clavomox). Unfortunately, he is still not getting better, so we took him to the vet’s.

There was also something a bit worrying this morning when Vincent refused to eat.

Vincent is already super fussy when it comes to food. He’s the type of cat who would rather starve than eat something which is not on his list of “preferred foods”.

We went from home-cooked to canned food, then to blended raw food (which he loved). Next, it was liquid food (which he also loved, but the love affair died as quickly as it developed – it lasted for about 2 days only). Then, came a new love affair with raw cut-up chicken meat, which he devoured like crazy. So much, until I think he could have eaten up RM7.00 worth of raw chicken meat at one sitting if I hadn’t stopped him.

Yesterday, he had a crazy eating spree, devouring raw chicken meat (this love affair lasted longer than 2 days). Since he loved it so much and he could eat (without vomiting), I just let him eat.

Then, suddenly, this morning, he refused all foods. Even his raw chicken meat.

It was later that we opened a new bag of kibble that Vincent came. Of course he refused to eat kibble. I then managed to get him to eat some Monge tuna with chicken and raw food, on his own.

Despite the amount that Vincent eats, he is still not putting on weight. This morning, he only weighed 3.1kg. He also drinks a lot of water, but is always a bit dehydrated. When he was ill the last time (hospitalised), his kidney readings were “okay”, based on the blood test.

Anyway, today’s examination at the vet revealed something else. The vet felt a “mass” inside Vincent and it was of irregular shape. This mass wasn’t noticed in last week’s examination.

The mass could be one of several things: An irregularly shaped kidney, fecal matter (not likely, as it’s too big) or a tumour near the spleen.

Vincent’s mouth ulcers are still there. The ulcers are on his gums, his tongue as well as his lips. Poor guy.

His flu also isn’t getting better. This could be due to a secondary bacterial infection, or the Calici virus. Or, it could even be the mouth ulcers having moved into the nasal cavity.

Right now, the treatment is to continue with the Clavomox for another week. Hopefully, his flu will get better as the next course of action (which was supposed to start today, but we cannot as his flu isn’t better yet) is to start Vincent on steroid for his ulcers. Steroids will bring down his immunity and that is why we cannot do this yet until his flu improves.

As for the mass, we don’t know what it is for now.

The vet also suspects Vincent could be FIV+ or FeLV+ as this would explain the prolonged ulcers and flu. I remember that when we went ahead with the tooth extractions in 2016, the vet advised that there was no need to test Vincent as it wouldn’t have made any difference to the treatment plan at the time (tooth extraction). Vincent did get better after two surgeries (tooth extractions) and he was well for more than 2 years.

We know there is no cure for stomatitis. Just management. We bought him more than two years of being free from the pain of ulcers.

We shall deal with this battle now. With aging, comes all kinds of illnesses.

Vincent has lost a lot of muscle mass and we don’t know why. He used to be bulky and we called him “the soldier”. We even called him “Hercules” at one point.

But the vet said Vincent didn’t look anaemic, so that’s good.

Eat up, ol’ pal.

A photo from 2017. Vincent “Hercules”.

Now, he looks like when he first came, more than 5 years ago – like those Star Wars walkers. That is why we named him “Starry” when he first came.

The photo in the middle is the very first shot I took of Vincent on the day he came with Willy. The photo on the left was when he was in confrontation with Willy. Vincent and Willy both came on the same day, and Vincent didn’t allow Willy to stay.

Vincent looks so cute in the photo on the right!

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