Vincent ate 3 times today!

And this is cause for celebration already!

After the fright yesterday when he refused to eat all his meals, today’s 3 meals of voluntary eating is almost heaven-sent!

This is lunch at 12.20pm today.

After that, I went out to buy a fresh batch of chicken fillet since it’s the only thing Vincent would eat. Came home and starting cutting the fillet up. Ginger, Heidi and Tabs came to ask for some, but Vincent wasn’t interested. It’s okay, he had just eaten. That’s fine.

Then, just now, at about 8.30pm, Vincent asked for dinner!

I offered some chicken fillet it took a bit of coaxing before he would eat some.

Dinner just now. He ate a moderate amount.

I even took a video of Vincent eating his dinner!

And someone’s watching from the kitchen window…

Why aren’t I getting raw meat too? 

Us too, us too!

By the way, that’s not Tabs making any demands. She just happened to be yawning!

I cut up the fillet into smaller pieces now, so that Vincent can eat them more easily. I would prefer that he eats chicken keel which has some skin and cartilage (slightly more balanced), but since he prefers fillet, fillet it is. And I dare not add anything to the fillet for fear it would just turn him off (and off eating – heaven forbid!).

This morning, I managed to add some Vetri DMG to his breakfast and that was a lucky break!

A conference call between Tabs and Indy.

We want a treat too!

So yes, everyone had a treat of raw meat.

Indy too.

Cubgrub for Tabs, Ginger and Indy. Heidi just wanted fillet.

I would prefer to give them Cubgrub as it’s a nutritionally balanced barf (Dr Lisa Pierson’s recipe), prepared with a very strict standard of cleanliness. One worries about the cleanliness in the preparation of raw food – this is why I chose Cubgrub for our cats. It’s home-made and Lin Li prepares the food herself. Lin Li has a hospitality (commercial cookery) certificate from Queensland, Australia and has worked as a kitchen staff at the Brisbane Hilton and as a catering staff at Dalton Hospitality. With her experience working in a commercial kitchen, cleanliness and freshness of food are of paramount importance to her and it is with this same spirit and standards that Cubgrub operates on. Our cats have been on Cubgrub for more than a year now.

On a side note, even Bunny can eat Cubgrub without his usual tummy upset and vomiting. Previously, whenever Bunny ate raw sliced chicken fillet (he loves eating so much, he just swallows without chewing), then he would throw up after that, the every piece of meat comes out almost “cooked” (by the heat in his stomach)! Now, Bunny can eat Cubgrub and all seems to be well. Casumo casino is a very popular gambling site for Indian punters. Discover the article about Casumo India and learn all advantages and disadvantages of the online casino. The article has been created by casino experts from and just valuable information has been included.

The next concern about raw food is, of course, is the presence of pathogens in the raw meat itself, but a vet who has done a lot of research in raw food, explained that the pH of a cat’s stomach is 1 (one, which is highly acidic), so that level of acidity is likely to destroy many pathogens.

In any case, raw meat is currently the ONLY food that Vincent would eat, and the vet also said that it’s the best food (highly digestible) for Vincent if he has kidney issues, so it really is our only option.

One meal at a time. One moment at a time.

As long as Vincent eats.

P.S. All said, even though raw food has been touted to be the biologically appropriate food for obligate carnivores like cats, it still may not be suitable for some cats. For some, cooked food may be more suitable. Why, some even thrive on kibble! So, to each, his/her own. I remember almost a decade ago, someone brought her cat to a carnival and the cat was 20 years old, still very active. The owner said all the cat had ever eaten her entire life was a particular brand of kibble. So, there you go….