Hooray for capsules! (about Vincent)

What a complete ass I’ve been…why hadn’t I thought of using capsules before this?

AND suffered so long in trying so hard to pill Vincent?

Capsules work! They really do. All I have to do is to cut up any tablet into tiny pieces so that the pieces can be stuffed into the capsule.

I think it’s all due to the rounded ends, which makes swallowing so much easier and less painful.

Just now, I made a very brave attempt – I fed Vincent a Bioresis capsule ALL BY MYSELF. Without the towel, too.

So far, I’ve never fed him any medicine alone. I couldn’t. My husband would wrap him up and I’ll do the plonking of the dreaded pill.

But just now, I managed to feed him a capsule all by myself, at the staircase landing. Without the towel!

Of course I had to endure a bit of struggle and I got scratched. Vincent tried to spit out the capsule, but eventually, he decided to just swallow it. It must be because the taste of the capsule is neutral (not bitter).

Later, I trimmed all nails in his front paws. All by myself too. There was no struggle.

Hmm…what is happening here? Is Vincent finally letting down his guard and softening up? Is the soldier in him finally relenting to being looked after? Ego down?

I am always guilty of anthropomorphising animals! Why, cats are highly evolved beings. We should never anthropomorphising them and “reduce” them to mere humans, right?!!

Anyway, I checked back Daffodil’s records and she needed 5 Bioresis capsules per day. This means I’ll have to pill Vincent on my own, if I give him divided doses throughout the day. With Daffodil, she was easier to pill, so I did it twice daily (3 caps + 2 caps).

Surprisingly, just now, at about 10.30pm, Vincent came to the kitchen. It looked as though he was asking for food, precipitated by Ginger asking for his dim sum kibble.

So, the challenge again…

I took a chance and offered him Cubgrub.

I even offered him kibble. Who knows, right?

He might have eaten a bit of raw food, I’m not sure.

Finally none of them were right for Vincent.

I tried wiping his mouth with liquid food again, hoping it might entice him to choose one of the options and eat it (like it did during dinner), but no such luck this time.

He just wanted to drink water.

So, let the record show that Vincent only ate 2 meals today.
I was so hoping he would eat supper.

Till tomorrow then…

P.S. Just sharing some information here: Without food and water, a cat would make it, at most, about three days. That is how long they can live without water (or being dehydrated). A cat can survive about two weeks without food (or starvation). That’s just a rough estimate. I suppose these figures refer to perfectly healthy cats who are suddenly deprived of water or food. But some vets are very worried about hepatic lipidosis setting in if a cat starves. I remember when Tabs was hospitalised many years ago, the vet told me to force-feed her as often as possible as he was worried about hepatic lipidosis. I did. I camped at the clinic and force-fed her.

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  • Chen

    Did the vet give any anti-nausea medication? Vincent is obviously hungry, but something is stopping him to eat. It could be that he feels nauseous.