Ideas, ideas, ideas…for Vincent

Today, my friend, Agnes, reminded me about the efficacy of the golden paste (turmeric paste cooked with virgin coconut oil and black pepper) today, or how she cured her rescued cat of mouth ulcers in all but five days when 49 days of antibiotics, laser treatment and steroids didn’t work.

Agnes’ sharing in 2017:

But my first obstacle was: How on earth can I possibly feed it to Vincent? Vincent, who would turn his nose up even when a little bit of the odourless and colourless Vetri DMG is mixed in his raw chicken? Roll the golden paste into a small ball and plonk it in? The mere taste of turmeric would throw him into a fit.

Still, I made the concoction today – the golden paste.

I used the recipe that we shared in 2016:

Will figure out later how to feed it to Vincent.

Then, I also remembered about Bioresis, the 1-3, 1-6 beta glucan (from mushrooms) that I gave Daffodil for months after her tumour was discovered. On hindsight, it could have been Bioresis that kept Daffodil so sprightly and active throughout those months. She also had a good appetite despite the tumour. I also remember that after giving her Bioresis, the tumour did shrink a little.

Back then, I consulted a pharmacist with a special interest in holistic nutrition and we calculated the correct dose of Bioresis for Daffodil.

About Bioresis:

So, I thought I should give Bioresis to Vincent. Even if that lump in his abdomen is not a tumour, there are many more health benefits in Bioresis that may be able to at least perk Vincent up, perhaps give him a better appetite and help with his flu.

No harm in trying.

But…the million dollar question remained: How on earth am I going to feed him the Bioresis and the golden paste??

For Daffodil, I used capsules.

I happened to be doing a massive cleaning-up in the kitchen today and I found the remaining supply of empty capsules from Daffodil’s time. I also found the last sachet of Bioresis.

Use capsules!!

So, what I did was, I poured out some of the Bioresis powder and filled up a capsule (till almost full). Then, a brain wave occurred to me. Why not cut up the Clavomox tablet into 8 parts and stuff it into the capsule as well.

A capsule is rounded on both ends; it may be easier to swallow?

Try, try, try…what is there to lose, right?

Yes, I cut up the tablet into 8 tiny parts and they fitted into the remaining space of the capsule. Yay!

Some of the Bioresis capsules I filled up today. There’s some remaining space in each capsule, which I will put the 8 tiny bits of the Clavomox (will cut up only when I’m about to feed him to keep it as fresh as possible)!

Whoo…I am so excited! We may be looking at a revolutionary way to pill Vincent!

Then, another brain wave occurred to me. I could CUT UP the empty capsules and make them smaller in size too.

Yes, yes, I will do that for the golden paste. After all, I only need to give Vincent an eighth of a teaspoon.

So, I cut up an empty capsule, making it shorter (so cute!) and stuffed golden paste into it. It cannot last as the golden paste is wet, so go get Vincent, quick!

We still need the towel to wrap him up.

Plonk…in went the Bioresis+Clavomox capsule.

Yes, he swallowed it….it certainly seemed less problematic than the tablet. A tablet is flat and tends to just stay flat on the back of the mouth.

Then, plonk…went the golden paste (smaller) capsule.

This one, he fought.

“Heyy!!!  What is this?  WHEN did I sign up for TWO pills????”

But eventually he swallowed it too!


I know it may not be a good idea to give him two supplements. If at all he gets better, which one actually worked?

We won’t know, but never mind, if he does get better, it would be a great bonus already. Never mind which one did the trick.

Also, the two works a bit differently.  At least I am using them for different purposes (the golden paste for the mouth ulcers and Bioresis as an immune enhancer).  I’m quite sure the two complement each other too.

Let’s hope Vincent feels better soon and has better appetite. Bioresis definitely increased Daffodil’s appetite.

The golden paste, Bioresis and the (small) capsule! Yay!

P.S. I checked back Daffodil’s records and she needed 5 capsules of Bioresis per day. Five for Vincent? Oh dear….that would be a tremendous challenge.

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