No, no, no….no? (Vincent’s dinner)

Every meal is a great challenge.

Vincent cannot be force-fed. He hates it. He resents it. He will resist and fight. So, it causes more stress on him.

I’ll attribute it to his “soldiery” pride. He’s a soldier. No soldier will give in a being force-fed.

So, it was about an hour ago that he came down from the staircase landing. This is usually a sign that he might want some food.

I walked into the kitchen and he followed me.

Oh, good, good.

Some food, Vincent?

I offered his raw meat. Moderate-sized pieces.



Then, I offered Monge canned food.

Vincent lowered his head to the bowl and sniffed at it, but…


No and no.

He went to drink water.

I offered some liquid food.


I talked to Vincent and told him that he has to eat a bit of food, or he would lack nutrition and it won’t be good. Then, I just sat with him.

Finally, I decided to force-feed him though I know he hates it. I wiped some of the liquid food on his mouth. He was angry and tried to fight it off.

Then, we waited for another few minutes.

And, an unexpected miracle happened…

Vincent ate the raw food. But not much, though.

Never mind, at least he ate a bit, voluntarily (with some coaxing), although this is only his second meal of the day. I spoilt breakfast and made him turn away from his food (because I tried giving him liver and later, Vetri DMG).

Eating on his own is always better than being force-fed.

What would I have to do next to make him eat?

Hmm…That would be tomorrow’s challenge.

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