Not too small, not too big, please…

This morning, Vincent came into our bedroom and woke me up at 3am. He called and jumped onto the bed.

There was no alarm from the clock.

Vincent was the alarm!

I got up and went downstairs with him to the kitchen. I thought he might want to eat, but no, he didn’t.

I don’t know why he woke me up.

He went back to the staircase landing and settled down, and that was it.

At 7.30am, everyone had their breakfast and Vincent was offered his bowl too.

I thought he had only been eating chicken meat and it is not nutritionally balanced, so I added a few thin slices of liver (which he used to love).

Well, that turned out to be a disaster – Vincent refused to eat.

So, I quickly took that away and gave him a fresh bowl of chicken meat. I know, I was too ambitious; I squirted some Vetri DMG into it.

That was a disaster as well!

He refused to eat and walked away, and that’s that.

Breakfast started badly for Vincent and me….

By mid-morning, he vomited some bile mixed with a few pieces of partially digested chicken.

I texted his vet and asked if it was necessary for Vincent to be brought in, perhaps put on drips or something?

The vet said to give him until tonight. If he still doesn’t eat, I could bring him in tomorrow.

Soon it was lunch time.

Vincent came to the kitchen with everyone.

I didn’t think he would eat, but no harm trying.

So, I offered him a bowl of chicken fillet.

It’s just chicken, Vincent. Just the way you like it. Nothing else is added to it.

I had been cutting up the fillet into smaller and thinner pieces since Vincent has mouth ulcers. I thought it might help him to eat more easily. If he cannot chew, at least he could just swallow the tiny pieces.

He looked at the fillet and nope, it wasn’t right.

It’s the wrong size. I don’t like it this small. 

I’m a soldier, remember? I don’t need all this “mollycoddling”….hmmph!

Luckily, I have come to somehow understand Vincent’s body language. Wrong size, huh?

He doesn’t want the pieces this small. He wants them bigger.

So I cut another batch, this time, bigger pieces.

Yup, he ate.

Oh boy…talk about being fussy, right?

Tabs and Heidi certain aren’t as fussy. They would eat it. Any size.

Ahh…the nicest sound – to hear Vincent chewing the pieces of chicken fillet.

He likes to “chew”….

This is his routine. After makan, he drinks water, then it’s off to the staircase landing.

At least we got him to eat one meal!

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