The festive “dumping” problem

Today, we received this information from one of our applicants:

During the last week of fasting n early week of raya when ppl balik kampung….i find many cats and kittens being dumped….they just leave the cats like that instead of spending for boarding…after raya they adopt new kittens.

Every year same problem…i neuter nearly 70 to 80 yearly. I used to fund it myself….but now i am in a financial situation. Thats why i am applying for tis aid. U have no idea how much it meant to me.

The last 2 from raya dumping..i send yesterday for spaying. Even good breed cats are being dumped.

Its a never ending story. Tqvm Dr 🙏🏼 really appreciate it

And it’s not just before Hari Raya. According to a friend, there are also a lot of pets being surrendered to shelters before Chinese New Year and Christmas. And after the festivities, these people will adopt or purchase new pets.

Then, the vicious cycle repeats itself.

It’s very sad when pets are being discarded when it’s “not convenient” for them to be around anymore.

That is why the biggest culprits responsible of the increasing number of street animals are actually pet-dumpers (pet owners who abandon their pets, many of whom could be unneutered).  It is not due to the breeding of street animals.

I just searched the internet for images for “don’t abandon your pet” and came across so many. But they are all so, so sad and I don’t have the heart to post them.

However, here’s one which I really like:

So, so true.

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