The big Ginger-Zurik fight and Ginger to the vet

In the middle of last night, Mr Zurik came into our bedroom through the bathroom window…again.

My husband carried him down and left him at the patio with Ginger. He didn’t want to put Zurik back in the porch because he might just come through the bathroom window again and we would have no sleep all night.

But what happened shortly after that was…a big war cry.

Husband came down to check and found Zurik posturing, Ginger was the clear-cut victim and there were tufts of fur (Ginger-coloured) all over the patio.

Poor Ginger…

So, the terrorist was let out.

This morning, Ginger looked traumatised. He didn’t even want to come into the kitchen for breakfast. He just sat in the cage at the patio.

Normally Ginger never ever goes into this open cage. He only does so when he is sick or injured.

We checked him all over and there were no visible signs of injury.

He only ate a wee bit, and just went back to the cage.

Tabs visited and expressed her sympathies.

I went to work and Ginger slept throughout.

By the time I came home, we had to send Vincent to the vet (another story, to follow), so we took Ginger as well.

At the clinic, the vet found a scratch wound on the back of Ginger’s neck and a small puncture wound on Ginger’s arm. The vet shaved the area and told me to apply some iodine onto this wound.

Sometimes traumatised cats can go off food for awhile, but the vet thinks there is nothing seriously wrong with Ginger.

We came home and I offered Ginger some Monge, but he didn’t want any.

He wanted kibble, so kibble it is…in his dim sum amount.

Hopefully, he will recover from the trauma and be well again.

Mr Zurik, meanwhile, did not turn up for breakfast. He probably feels a little bad?

Knowing Zurik, he will surely come back.

After coming back from the vet’s, Ginger didn’t go into the cage anymore. Instead he went to Stargate2 and kept looking out…for Mr Zurik?

We will keep Ginger inside for a few days for a cooling-off period.

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