Vincent eats, but….(blood test results)

Right after we brought Vincent and Ginger home, I had to go off for my own doctor’s appointment. I’ve been having this back pain since the end of March and it’s been worsening. It was a very, very long wait at the hospital so by the time we got home, it was about 8pm.

By then, Vincent had been fasting for many hours, so I hoped he would be hungry when we got home.  Also, I hoped the subcut fluids had perked him up enough so that he would be motivated to eat something on his own.

True enough, Vincent was hungry.

I offered him cooked food first, but he didn’t want any of it. Still very choosy.

So, I gave him his usual raw meat (chicken fillet).

How very, very nice to hear the sound of him chewing the raw meat.

Ginger and Heidi also wanted raw meat, so I gave them some.

By the way, it appears that Ginger is okay now.  He is eating again.

I didn’t think Vincent would be eating so much, so I let Ginger and Heidi have some of the raw meat. As it turned out, Vincent began eating more and more and soon, there wasn’t enough for him… I also hadn’t thaw more of the raw meat as I didn’t want to waste it since he hadn’t been eating much recently. It’s not good to re-freeze after thawing, so on previous days when Vincent wasn’t eating much, I had been giving the thawed meat to the other cats.

Vincent ate up the remaining thawed meat and asked for more.

So sorry, boy, I didn’t thaw enough.

I gave him Cubgrub but our fussy-pot didn’t want any of it. Sigh…  I tried Primal. No, he didn’t want that either. He just wants moderately-sized cut-up chicken fillet.

Anyway, he would have to wait for another batch to thaw.

Sorry, Vincent.  You’ll have to wait for a few more hours.

Meanwhile, I was so happy that Vincent was eating on his own again, so I sent photos to the vet to let him know.

Our text messages crossed and the vet’s message didn’t bear good news.

He had received Vincent’s blood test results. Vincent’s white blood cell count is very high and other readings indicate possible kidney damage.

Oh dear…

The vet didn’t give specifics, but the elevated white blood count could be due to an infection, stress of leukemia. We would have to do a blood morphology in the next visit. If it is leukemia, there would be presence of many young cells.

I asked if an FIV/FeLV test would be helpful, but the vet didn’t think so.

We will only do what’s useful and helpful for Vincent and his treatment plans.

For now, the treatment plan remains the same.

Due to the possible kidney damage, we might have to consider regular subcut fluids for Vincent. Well, we have done that for Rosie last year, so we’ll just have to learn the technique again.

We will get more details of his blood test tomorrow.