Recovery…there goes my trump card! (Vincent’s tales)

I was keeping the can of Recovery as my “trump card” and not using it until all else fails.

Well, all else failed today.

Vincent came asking for food, but none of my options worked.

So I had to use my trump card – the Recovery.

Vincent eyes literally lit up the moment I opened the can. He could smell it.

And yes, he sniffed at it a bit…and he started eating!

Wow…he loved it!!

But not for long….

After a few spoonfuls, he wanted his raw meat again.

Back to the cut-up raw chicken fillet.

That was lunch.

The same thing happened at dinner.

It had to be preceded by Recovery, then, the raw meat. But not before a short duration where he rejected both first….

Must be the correct size. Not too big, not too small.

Recovery first….

Ginger wants Recovery too.

But you’re not sick, Ginger….

Heidi and Tabs also want Recovery.

After Recovery, raw meat it is.

And he ate A LOT!

Today has been a good day.

Looks like Recovery is only used (by Vincent) to get his taste buds working. Maybe the smell helps to work up an appetite for him. He just eats a few spoonfuls of Recovery, then he leaves it to go for the raw meat.

Is Recovery my last trump card?

Let’s see…I still have AD.  That would be my last trump card.  Haven’t bought a can yet, though.  Comparatively, it’s even more tasty and fragrant than Recovery.  That is why I use Recovery first…. Yups, leaving the best for last.

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