Vincent’s breakfast and more on his blood test results

This morning, Vincent didn’t want his cut-up raw meat anymore (of moderate size).

So, what did he want now?

Well, he ate a bit of Monge and a fair amount of Cubgrub! I’m so glad he is willing to eat Cubgrub now as it’s nutritionally balanced (Dr Lisa Pierson’s recipe). I just hope he will continue eating Cubgrub, especially when it’s confirmed now that he has kidney issues and the vet said raw meat would be the best food for him.

He ate about half of that Monge.

By the way, Ginger is okay, after that encounter with Zurik yesterday and the brief period of post-traumatic stress disorder.

But he preferred Cubgrub, which is a good thing (finished one bowl).

I put both the Cubgrub and remaining Monge together, and he only ate up the Cubgrub.

Pilling was “okay” today, and I managed to give him some Complivit as well.

He hasn’t been outside for a long time.

Hello, Vincent. 

Ginger, be nice to Vincent, okay?

Further discussion on Vincent’s blood test results:

The printed figures were from 18th July 2018 and the inked ones from yesterday.

However, the vet cautions that all these readings may be masked by the dehydration.

Based on the latest readings, it is quite certain that Vincent has some sort of kidney damage. The urea reading has increased but the creatinine has gone down. Still, there is “kidney damage”.

As of now, the treatment plan remains the same with the addition of subcut fluids, maybe 2-3 times a week.

We will take Vincent to the vet’s tomorrow and discuss further.

Meanwhile, I hope Vincent will continue to eat.

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