Another trump card failed (Vincent’s stories)

The Avoderm worked only for one meal.


Here’s what happened…

I bought the Avoderm in time for an early dinner.

Vincent came to the kitchen with everyone. I offered him Recovery first, hoping the keep the Avoderm as a “trump card” as long as possible. Of course, he didn’t want the Recovery at all. I blame it on my own silly mistake of having used Recovery to force-feed him this morning. He must really hate the taste of Recovery now.

I offered raw meat, but Vincent would not eat it, so I had no choice but to open the can of Avoderm. Hmm…unfortunately, even I could not smell the food.

Offered it to Vincent and surprisingly, he expressed some interest in it, being something new.

Then, he did eat a fair amount of it and after that, went back to his raw chicken fillet.

So, it did work…a little.

I was hoping it would work for at least 24 hours, right?

But no, at about 8pm, Vincent came to the kitchen again. His body language showed he was asking for food. So I offered Avoderm.

He didn’t want any of it.

I offered raw meat.

Didn’t want any of it too.

He just sat there, in front of the two bowls of food and looked up and stared at me.

I don’t know what you want, Vincent.

From his body language, I think he wanted Recovery. Unfortunately, during the early dinner, Ginger, Heidi and Tabs had already finished the remaining can. I also didn’t want to keep the can for another day since it’s been opened for 2 days now.

I offered Monge.  Nope, that’s not what he wanted as well.

We plonked in the tablet (Clavomox) and I managed to force-feed him three pumps of the Complivit.

So, after the “staring game” with the three bowls of food untouched and the pilling, Vincent finally went to drink water, and now, he is sitting back at the staircase landing.

I wasn’t exactly so worried that he didn’t eat because he had eaten during the early dinner, so I let him be.

Ginger got the Avoderm. Heidi got the Monge and Tabs got the raw meat. Oh well…

I had actually taken a whole series of photographs to tell the above story (very narrative sort of photos too).  Unfortunately, I forgot to insert the memory card into the camera, so….(silly me!).

Tomorrow, we will take Vincent to the vet’s for another subcut procedure.

Hopefully, the plan of doing subcut 2-3 times a week will pan out well for Vincent and give him better wellbeing.

Life is fleeting for everyone; all we can hope for is that we have comfortable and reasonably happy moments.


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