There goes my trump card (Vincent’s stories)

This morning, my Recovery trump card did not work anymore. Vincent had already lost interest in it.

I think Vincent is displaying a sort of “hypomanic” behaviour in eating. He would go crazy over one type of food but the “passion” would only last, at most, 2 days. Then, he doesn’t want it anymore.

But how many food options can I keep finding to satisfy his hypomanic passion??

I don’t want Recovery and I don’t want raw meat.

I don’t want to eat.

I just want to drink water.

We had to give him his tablet for the morning, so we did (plonked without problems) and then, I took the liberty of giving him three pumps of the Complivit (the multi-vit) and then….I force-fed him some Recovery, which I know is a big mistake.

With someone as strong-willed as Vincent, I’m sure once I force-feed Recovery, he would associate that taste with stress (or even anger) and it might turn him off Recovery for good….

I know, it was a mistake, but I had to leave for a physical therapy session for many hours, and I didn’t want him to go without food, seeing as it is, how emaciated he already is.

So, there went my Recovery trump card. Gone forever.

Now, I’ll have to get a new trump card and hope it works.

I’m thinking of Avoderm before resorting to AD.  I’ll drive out to the store and get a can later.

The other reason I force-fed Recovery is also this: It’s just my own theory, but I think the poor guy’s sense of smell is very much diminished, maybe due to the flu (or blocked nose), so he probably has no appetite because he cannot smell the food. I thought that perhaps if I force-fed some Recovery, he would get to taste the food and this might work up an appetite for him?

But no, that didn’t work this morning.

By the time we came back, it was noon.

Vincent came to the kitchen and I offered Recovery and raw meat. He didn’t want both, but finally, he went for the raw food, and a fair amount too.

It’s just so nice to see Vincent eat.

But yups, Recovery is “gone” for good. Hooray for Tabs, Heidi and Ginger, though, as they will get the rest of the can. They love it.

The vet says that if Vincent is eating today, we could postpone the subcut to tomorrow, so that’s what we will do.

Vincent definitely seems better after Thursday’s subcut.

And by the way, I also forgot to mention that on Thursday, the vet could no longer feel the lump in Vincent’s abdomen.  Let’s hope the lump detected earlier was just faecal matter. If it had been a tumour, it wouldn’t have possibly disappeared so fast.

Let’s hope Vincent eats tonight.  I’ll go get a can of Avoderm.