A meatless quinoa porridge

I was so inspired after listening to several of Philip Wollen’s speeches and one interview that I decided to “create” (oh wow!) my own quinoa porridge for dinner today.

Me create a meal? Yes, you read that right.

Here it is!

I made it using a slow cooker. First, I dumped in the quinoa, then added in all kinds of veggies (carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, radish, tomato, onions), and lastly, water (I don’t remember how much water I put, but it should be about the amount needed to make rice porridge).

Add salt and organic seasoning to taste.

I also cut up broccoli and cauliflower but these were added just 5-10 minutes before serving. Always add the greens at the very end of the cooking time.

Using a slow cooker on High, it took only about 3 hours for the porridge to be ready.

If you are wondering if you should start observing Meatless Mondays, have more veggie days, become a full-time vegetarian or vegan and you need someone to motivate you, please listen to Philip Wollen. He does a marvelous job at this!

And whenever you feel like temptation is making you go back to meat-eating and you need a push back to veggie-eating, listen to any of Philip Wollen’s speeches. He’s the boost you’ll need.

We published three of his speeches this morning (in this blog). In one of the interviews, he talked about what motivated him to give up consuming dairy products. It happened when he saw how a farmer treated his cow so badly when the cow was injured and the farmer was herding the cow (and a young emaciated calf) to the slaughterhouse. The cow could barely move because she was injured, so the farmer flung chilli powder into her eyes. It was so, so sad, and this happened in India, where the cow is supposed to be venerated. Even before surrendering the poor cow, the farmer was still milking it – can you imagine that?

Philip Wollen says in one of his speeches that there are so many ways to look at the world, why don’t we look at it “feelingly”? Imagine how the cow felt? Served the farmer all her life and then just because she was injured, she was sent for slaughter along with her calf, and treated so, so cruelly…by the very owner she had served.

I could go on, but please…listen to Philip Wollen, and be inspired to join the bandwagon which believes that justice must be blind to race, colour, religion AND species.

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