Vincent’s stories (the big vomit)

After the subcut at noon yesterday, as expected, Vincent felt much better and ate quite a far amount for each meal.

He ate dinner yesterday.

He even ate supper and all seemed well.

We also gave him the first capsule of Azodyl at noon yesterday, after returning home from the clinic.

However, this morning when I came downstairs, I found a lot of vomit on the landing and Vincent was sitting beside it. To my surprise and disappointment, I found the Azodyl capsule, almost intact, just opened up (two parts) and when I wiped the vomit, the contents of the capsules were still intact, inside each part.

The Azodyl was given at noon, and the earliest the vomiting could have happened would be after 3am (because my husband went off to work at 3am this morning). That’s 15 hours of the capsule being in the stomach, why hadn’t it be digested?

I texted the vet and showed him a photo of the vomit (with the Azodyl clearly intact). He said that the Azodyl capsule is designed in such a way so that it is kept intact UNTIL it reaches the intestines (to do its work of breaking down urea). So, that is why it was vomited almost intact; it didn’t even reach the intestines.

Sigh…how sad. That’s one Azodyl wasted and job not done.

I asked if there could be some sort of blockage in Vincent’s stomach that prevents food from getting from the stomach to the intestines, but the vet didn’t think so. The “lump” previously felt was also no longer there in the following visit (so it could have been just faecal matter).

There was also a lot of chicken pieces (which means he doesn’t chew), some Avoderm and a lot of water in the vomit. The last meal last night was at about 9.15pm, but he also ate two other meals before that. The chicken could be from any of these meals since the Azodyl which was given at noon had remained in the stomach, intact.

He ate again this morning and I even managed to get him to eat some slices of liver and heart, which the vet says he needs (organ meats). Previously, he refused to eat liver. I also managed to get him to eat some Cubgrub (which is better than just eating chicken muscle meat (fillet)).

As expected, this seemingly “good” appetite is all due to the subcut.

One thing though, there was no trace at all of the dark brown Complivit (the multi-vit) in the vomit, which means, this was probably absorbed? I gave him some Complivit last night (9.15pm). Let’s hope this was absorbed.

The vet mentioned yesterday that vomiting is one of the side effects of kidney damage. If vomiting and/or diarrhoea happens frequently, it’s not a good sign.

I hope this vomiting is just a one-off thing.  So, far Vincent has only vomited twice. Once was last week. And then, this morning’s.

3 comments to Vincent’s stories (the big vomit)

  • Chen

    Hi KY!

    I really hope that you could soon come up with a routine for Vincent that would stabilise his kidneys and weight.

    I asked earlier if Vincent is given anti-nausea meds because I follow the story of Grandpa Mason who is an old cat with kidney problems. He was caught in a TNR in late 2016 and was not expected to live for a few more months due to his poor kidney readings. With daily treatment, he is now a chubby old cat who is famous for his love for kittens. Here is a link from last year about the nausea pill for Grandpa Mason from his own FB page:
    TinyKittens who took in Grandpa Mason also takes care of many cats with kidney problems with success. I do not know what is their protocol for treatment, but it looks like it is working.

    • chankahyein

      I am texting the vet right now, to ask. Thanks. I remember you mentioned it previously, but at that time, Vincent was still eating reasonably okay. Now, he’s deteriorating. I hope an anti-nausea medication works.

  • Chen

    Here is a video of Grandpa Mason getting his meds and force feeding.