A new applicant from Ipoh

Once in a blue moon, I would have the great fortune of meeting an extremely polite, respectful and sincere new applicant.

Today was such a day.

One of our regular applicants introduced our Neutering Fund to a rescuer and feeder from Ipoh. He doesn’t speak or write English, so I was asked if he could contact me by phone.

For such cases, I normally use whatsapp voicemail.

So, we got talking and yes, this is a once-in-a-blue-moon encounter of an extremely polite new applicant.

I absolutely value polite people. They are a very rare breed these days.

He sent photos of his dogs as well as the area where he plans to do TNR. He explained how he first encountered an injured dog and that started off his rescue work. He doesn’t earn much, so our neutering fund would help him out a lot.

From all that he said, one can feel the sincerity and honesty in this man. Although he said he wasn’t “well-educated”, he spoke with courtesy and extremely good manners.

He is indeed a far cry from those demanding people I’ve had to deal with in the past (and present).

He even said that he would not be claiming for two rescued dogs whom he had already adopted (going to be spayed soon). He would only claim for those that he would be rescuing from the said area. And if by chance, any friend were to help him out financially with any dog, he would definitely not claim from us.

It made me think of a few highly educated applicants we had who asked if they could double claim (yes, claim from two different organisations for the same animal!).  The fact that they asked means that they didn’t even know how immoral it is. If one is scheming to cheat, one wouldn’t ask, so the fact that they asked means they didn’t even know that such an act is wrong.

Sad, isn’t it?

It goes to show that having an “education” is no guarantee that one has a better moral compass.

Courteous, sincere, honest and respectful people are heaven-sent. It is my good fortune to be able to meet one such person today.

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