Goodnight from the low-profile girls

With so much focus on Vincent lately, I haven’t been writing much about the rest of the cats.

Ginger, Tabs and Heidi get some “press time” because they live in the house with Vincent, so their stories overlap.

Of course, Zurik gets quite a bit of press time as well (due to his fights). Cow and Bunny too (same reason as Zurik).

Then, Indy does the craziest stunts so he gets written about as well.

So, who gets the least press time?

Our low profile girls.

The two girls who don’t give anyone any trouble.

The two girls who now OWN Bunny’s room (and deservingly so)!!

Goodnight from Cleo and Pole!

Sweet dreams, everyone!

2 comments to Goodnight from the low-profile girls

  • Elaine

    Hi Dr Chan. I notice Cleo has bald patches on her hip. I have a 10 year old cat which has the same problem on his hips,belly and front legs. Do you know the remedy?

    • chankahyein

      Hi Elaine, Cleo has had this problem for many years, at least 8-9 years. I took her to a few vets and tried various treatments and some provided temporary relief, but the balding would just come back after awhile. Now, it’s permanent. Since she doesn’t itch and it doesn’t seem to bother her at all, I’ve decided to just let it be. The vets say it could be due to some allergy or stress. She seems quite happy to me, though. 🙂 Cleo is 11 years old. Cleo’s balding is mostly on the flanks.