Vincent’s first home subcut (a success!)

Vincent wasn’t looking too well today, so we decided to do the subcut (it was supposed to be tomorrow, but one day earlier is fine).

(1) Hibiscrub, clean water and cotton pads.
(2) Alcohol swabs

(3) Drip set in place.

(4) All ready….get Vincent.

(5) Place him in the open carrier.

(6) Clean area with hibiscrub, followed by alcohol swabs.

(7) Ensure fluid flows out from needle BEFORE removing needle cover. Must keep needle uncontaminated (extremely important).

(8) Remove needle cover. Pull up skin, poke needle in.

(9) Let fluids flow.  A bulge should be seen under skin (we saw it).

In progress. All is well. No struggle (believe it or not…really!).

Until today (even after numerous times with Rosie last year), husband has been doing the poking. I’m too chicken to do it. But I do everything else.

What do you know, it was over in less than 10 minutes!!  Vincent started moving a bit when the 150ml had gone in, like he knew…

So, off came the needle. Put cover back (to be changed the next time so that for now, it that part of the tube remains uncontaminated).

Yes, Vincent. We are done and you’ve been a very good boy!

Yay for us!

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