3 hours after the subcut (Vincent’s stories)

Vincent was looking (and I think, feeling) miserable the whole day. He didn’t feel like eating and he looked terrible.

That is why I decided to do the subcut, which we did at 9.30pm tonight.

Three hours later, at about 12.15am, Vincent came to the kitchen looking much brighter.

Of course by now, I more or less can read his body language.

You want food, right?


No force-appetiser needed.

That’s the miracle of the subcut!

I was going to use this Monge box as a table to prop up the food bowl for Vincent but Heidi has conveniently used it as a bed.

And Tabs is wondering if she could have some too.

I didn’t thaw enough raw meat for tonight’s “unscheduled” meal, so I offered some Cubgrub, but he didn’t want any. He just wanted raw meat.

He just licked some Cubgrub and waited for his raw meat.

I managed to get some from one of the containers, but it was too late. Vincent had already walked off.

And confidently, he went up the stairs to his landing again.

So yes, subcut is the way to go.

My friend, Emma, suggested that I take a look at Tanya’s Guide to CKD cats: https://www.felinecrf.org/. It has a lot of information (compiled over 18 years)!  But one of things it did stress is to make sure your CKD cat eats. And if the cat is choosy, then any food (that the cat is willing to eat) is better than starving.

It also talks about practically every symptom that Vincent is displaying – the weight loss, the mouth ulcers, no appetite, the very bad breath, etc.