Indy and his “crazy” ways

Indy does the craziest stunts.  He’s a real character to contend with.

I have noticed for the longest time that he wants to do whatever I do.

Trying to use the computer.

It’s been a few times that he created havoc on my laptop by stepping all over and altering some key functions of my computer. I had to take it back to the shop to get it fixed!

I got this Backjoy for my back pain, but most of the time, Indy monopolises it.

Is it even comfortable for you, Indy?

It doesn’t matter. He just wants to do whatever I do.

Sometimes, he is totally adorable, though he doesn’t look it!

He’s my loyal friend!

He is not a manja kind of cat at all. Doesn’t even like to be patted, carried and stroked, but he’s always there for you.