No more Zurik-incursions…hopefully!

Since last year when we needed to keep Rosie indoors for her treatment (and later, also Daffodil), we fixed the green netting to our bedroom and adjoining bathroom windows.

This was effective in keeping Rosie and Daffodil indoors, but not in keeping Zurik out.

For the downstairs living room, we installed the stainless steel mosquito netting, and this works well in keeping Zurik out. We did not fix this for our bedroom.

For the past few months or longer, Zurik had been getting a thrill of coming in through the netting (he pushes it open whenever there is even a tiny gap), staying our bedroom until we discover him, then he would gladly declare victory and ask to be let out through Stargate2.

Sometimes, he does this late at night or in the wee hours of the morning and it’s disturbing.

Worse of all, he would sometimes spray on our bedding and that’s really, really troublesome.

So, we’ve been thinking of what to do.

It took us sometime because the stainless steel mosquito netting downstairs does block off some light (minimal) but also 30% of the wind. It’s the latter that is a disadvantage as I really like the wind to come into the house. However, the plus point is, it also blocks off dust.

After exploring some options, we finally decided to stick with this same brand of mosquito netting for upstairs. Zurik has been having too many adventures lately.

The installation was today.

As though he knew it, Zurik sneaked in today for one final victory lap. I found him sleeping on husband’s blanket this morning, and he looked really contented. So contented that I almost felt sorry for him that he won’t be able to sneak in anymore and enjoy the obvious thrill of duping us.

The installers arrived this afternoon and there’s Mr Zurik, on the ledge.

Walking on the ledge to the back lane.



Gosh, why didn’t we get this done much, much earlier?!!  It is so good now, the panels can be slid open and finally, we can wipe the windows again. We haven’t been able to wipe the windows for more than a year (since Rosie’s time).

Bathroom windows done too.

Surprisingly, Vincent was standing guard at the landing when the workers came in and out. He wasn’t afraid of anyone. The installer even said Vincent looked fierce.

Soldier, right?

Anyway, so our anti-Zurik and Protec-Tabs netting is up now. It serves to keep the cats indoors and Zurik out. Actually the only cat who is not street-smart is Tabs. She needs to be kept indoors. Ginger and Heidi get to go out occasionally and they know their way around. Of course now, Vincent needs to be indoors as well.

Will it be anti-Zurik?

We shall see…..can he possibly slide open the netting from outside???

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