Vincent and Ginger’s stories

From yesterday afternoon until quite late last night, Ginger was sleeping in the open cage.

Whenever he goes into that open cage, it means he isn’t feeling well.

This brings me back to almost 7 years ago when Ginger first came to our house. He had been injured by Mr Quack in a fight and he had a wounded paw (which, as it turned out, was about to turn gangrenous). That time, Ginger’s family was still living at the playground and only Rosie had befriended us. Daffodil was out of reach.

Ginger’s feeder had already informed me that Ginger was limping and possibly injured, but he couldn’t catch Ginger. He also didn’t think it was anything serious.

Then, Ginger came, on his own, to our patio and sat in the open cage. I was so, so surprised to see him there that morning. Luckily he did, because I brought him to the vet and we managed to saw his paw in the nick of time. The rest, as they say, is history.

That was also when Daffodil came to our house. I had to cage Ginger to keep him safe from Mr Quack (the fiercest feline terrorist I have ever encountered) and also to feed him his antibiotics and clean his wound. So, that’s when Daffodil sneaked in to visit her beloved son. It was so sweet.  As frightened as she was, she plucked up courage to come visit her son.

However, Mr Quack did not give up. He also came…to terrorise poor Ginger in the cage. Those who dark times…even we were afraid of Mr Quack.

And later, Rosie and Daffodil assisted me in trapping Mr Quack (my greatest trapping success..ever), got him neutered and a dear friend adopted him!

History…all history, but it sure brings back great memories.  Some of you were already following the blog then, so you might remember all this.

Anyway, back to last night, Ginger was clearly unwell. Poor guy, he also felt a bit warmer than usual.

He refused to come out.

Later, I managed to persuade him to eat a bit of his dim sum (kibble).

Whenever anyone eats, Tabs gets something.

We decided to let Ginger rest for the night and see how he would be in the morning.

This morning, Ginger was already out of the cage, so that should be a good sign. He ate his breakfast too.

Vincent also ate. In fact, as expected, Vincent felt so much better after yesterday’s home subcut. This morning, he came upstairs to greet me when I woke up!

Vincent ate reasonably well this morning, on his own.

Hooray for subcut!

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