Vincent has no appetite at all

The (great) effect of the subcut, unfortunately, only lasted for a few hours. This morning, Vincent ate a moderate amount without being forced and that has been his last meal until now.

At 2pm, when everyone had lunch, Vincent came to the kitchen and it was just the staring game all over again. He sat and waited for food, but everything that I offered was just not right.

Then, at 5pm, when everyone had dinner, he came again. The same thing happened. He would just sit and wait and stare. He sniffed at the food too, but he couldn’t bring himself to eat anything. I did try to forced-appetiser as well, but this technique doesn’t work anymore.

Just now, at 10pm, after returning from taiji, Vincent was the one who came first into the kitchen. I was so hopeful that he would eat now, after not having eaten for nine-and-a-half hours, but no, the same thing happened again.

I offered his raw meat – no. I offered Recovery – no. Liquid food – no. Then I opened a can of Monge, his eyes lit up (this always happens), and he actually came towards me, looked up, hopeful.  But when offered, he couldn’t eat it.

I have tried elevating his food bowl already, but it doesn’t work.

He lingered on in the kitchen for awhile. I didn’t want to force him so I waited too. Then, re-offered again, and still, no.

After waiting long enough, I went to take a bath, and Vincent went back to the staircase landing.

I did ask the vet if we could give him another subcut, so that he may feel better, but the vet said that not eating for 24 hours is “normal” for his condition. It would be advisable to space out the subcut to every 2 days, if I wanted to.

The initial plan was every 3 days. But I think we have to do it more often now.

Also, after being off the Clavomox (after 21 days), Vincent is now on Baytril. But his sneezing has increased. We think his nose is blocked as he sneezes every time food is laid out for him. It seemed like his blocked nose is preventing him from eating?

There was also blood flowing out of his nose a few times today. The vet suspects maybe there is injury in the lining of his nasal cavity. The antibiotics doesn’t seem to help this at all. It’s just slowly deteriorating.

I’m at my wit’s end on figuring how else to entice Vincent to eat. He absolutely hates being force-fed so this causes more stress, which is detrimental to his already poor well-being.

To compensate for his inappetence, we are already giving him Complivit, which is a very complete multi-vit.

It already contains the full range of B vitamins (for appetite) as well as other vitamins. It has amino acids, zinc, iron, etc.

If you have looked after a CKD cat with no appetite, please, please do share how you were able to make your cat eat. Thank you.

5 comments to Vincent has no appetite at all

  • Agnes

    With the food placed before him, try rubbing his ears and the base of his ears. This may help to work up an appetite.

  • Emma

    Try essence of chicken. Ask vet about erythoprotein (epo), its expensive but it may or may not work.

  • Chen

    Hi KY!

    Sorry to bring up the anti-nausea medication again. But this I think will really help him eat. I disagree with your vet that nausea meds is not needed because his indigestion is caused by gastritis.

    I am a human who regularly gets indigestion and when I see a human doctor, he/she will give me antacids, etc AND anti-nausea pills. Because the anti-nausea pills will help me eat something instead of starring at my food and feeling awful. Often, when the antacids are working but my body is still in the “it’s all yucky phase” I could be feeling hungry but yet very reluctant to eat.

    Kidney damage will make a cat feel nauseous, and nausea will stop a cat from eating. So treating the symptom, in this case, in my limited opinion is really helpful to make him feel “normal” again. Once he feels normal again, he will gladly eat.

  • Chen

    Here is a very technical article about the management of cats with kidney damage. It recommends medication that enhances appetite:

  • chankahyein

    Thank you very much for all the helpful suggestions. I will look into each one.