Vincent eats again!

I just came back from taiji and who do you think greeted me at the door?


He has not done this in a long, long, long time.

There was Vincent, with Ginger, at the door, waiting for me to come in!

And as I came in, Vincent quickly went to the kitchen.

He wanted food!

If he eats, this would be the fourth time today.

Yes, he wanted food! And there was no more chicken soup aroma to entice him (I had already turned off the slow cooker in the evening).

So, he came without any inducements.

It matters. All these little things matter.

I took a chance and gave him some chicken soup. Won’t hurt to try, though it’s a big risk. If it’s the “wrong food” or taste, or smell, it might put him off.

Vincent drank it!!!!

But he wasn’t as crazy about it as Cow or Bunny, though.

He didn’t finish it and he started looking up at me, asking for food.

OK, Vincent, you will get your raw food. Of course you will.

Of course when one cat comes into the kitchen, everyone else comes in too (Ginger, Heidi and Tabs). And Indy started calling as well. That’s what always happens. And that is how everyone gets to eat…so many times a day.

Vincent ate his raw meat and I’ll classify this as an (A+). He ate a lot.

Ginger watched Vincent drinking chicken soup and he didn’t want his kibble anymore.

He wanted his own bowl of chicken soup too!

Who wants kibble when there’s chicken soup, right?

Heidi wanted chicken soup as well.

Only Tabs didn’t know how to drink chicken soup. She ate raw meat.

I am thankful for today. So thankful!






One response to “Vincent eats again!”

  1. Angie Lim

    Yay! Go Vincent!